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Emily Kelley

I love selling brands and telling your story. That being said, I hate selling myself.  So here is six quick things about me and my work. In, out, and nobody gets hurt.

  1. In 15 years, I have had the honor of working on multiple campaigns in the healthcare industry.  I have made injury prevention, preventative health, and hospitals look sexy while building their brand and messaging. I have worked with organizations such as Conway Regional Health Systems and Arkansas Children's Hospital.  

  2. I am a mom to 5 amazing kids.  They have bestowed upon me an additional title of "Chaos Coordinator." Each kid has a different personality and interest.  Their diversity has molded how I approach each of my clients -- individually. Just like there is no cookie cutter way of parenting, I believe there isn't a cookie cutter approach to marketing.  

  3. I am a foodie.  I love trying new things and will visit a local restaurant over a chain, any opportunity that I can.  I have a huge heart for small business and it is at the heart of my vision for Mustard Seed.  

  4. I am a Christian and I love God.  Jeremiah 29:11 is my life verse.  I also cling to Colossians 3:23 which tells us that in everything we do, do it all for the glory of God.  This verse guides me in every decision I make in both my personal and professional life.

  5. I am a problem solver.  Trust me.

  6. I am all about the 30-second elevator pitch. If you are ever on one with me, you will probably hear: "I help people fall in love with brands by telling a story that relates to them where they are.  I help companies win new business.  I build trust with clients to help their brands sky rocket. I am results driven. Period. Exclamation point."

  7. I don't advertise this fact, but I would do this job for free. I LOVE it. It's my passion.  


OOPS! That was 7 things.

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